Tuesday, 6. January 2015

Another phone app: AAS Accident Analysis Software

The software is not a tutorial about accident reconstruction. Basic knowledge is required. You should not install the app in case you are not or only partially familiar with the terms in the above screenshots. Any usage of the app makes sense only in case you are familiar with the meaning of the calculated values.

AAS – Accident Analysis Software (module 1 – free edition):

AAS Accident Analysis Software

During a vehicle traffic accident investigation the accident reconstructionist looks upon the spatio-temporal approaches of the involved vehicles. Every object needs a certain time for moving a particular distance at its current velocity. During any vehicle motion, speed, position and time are mathematically interrelated. Doing a collision analysis the expert determines the collision speeds in order to calculate the initial velocity based on the skid marks and traces found in the pre-crash scene with the goal to get the drivers reaction position. In addition the avoidance velocity for the spatial avoidance is calculated.

This program covers the basic kinematic calculations for the accident reconstruction: velocity, distance, time. The app is able to determine the possible processes fundamentally, but also to verify the existing calculations of an expert’s report and recognize the determining factors of the input at its full range. If there is a speed limit to consider or the situation requires a lower velocity than the detectable speed the app automatically calculates the speed for the spatial avoidance. This is a demo version with restricted functions for private and non-commercial use. Using the demo you cannot change the default deceleration values.

Demo available here.

Monday, 29. December 2014

Phone Apps released: Stopping Distance Calculator

Stopping Distance Calculator

The application determines the current velocity of the driving vehicle and calculates the required overall stopping distance, that is needed in a hazardous situation and full braking to slow your vehicle down to a complete stop.

The distance your vehicle needs for a full braking driving the current speed to slow down to a complete stop is called overall stopping distance. The overall stopping distance consists of the reaction pathway and brake path. The program uses predefined and rational values for the deceleration and reaction time that may not always be perfectly suitable for the concrete driving situation. Therefore always drive foresighted and with a speed adjusted to the current traffic situation.

The overall stopping distances are usually much higher than most people expect. For example driving 50 km/h the stopping distance amounts to 25-30 m, driving 100 km/h it is already 80 m. These results are valid for a dry and flat road. Downhill the stopping distance increases, uphill it decreases. Wet, snow-covered or icy roadways increase the overall stopping distance drastically. You can adjust the weather conditions in the application during measurement.

Available for


Installs by now: Some ten thousand …

Tuesday, 28. May 2013

How to fill in the diagram pdf

Once you have generated your diagram you find a field to fill in the closer circumstances of the accident in the Pdf. In order to do so, you must have Adobe Reader installed. You need to update to the latest version (Adobe Reader XI) in case you can’t fill in the fields.

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Friday, 4. February 2011

Advanced Version 2.0 released in 3 countries

AccidentSketch is no longer just a drawing tool. Our commercial customers missed the option to complete the created graphical information / diagrams with actual photos of the place of the accident and the damaged vehicles. Often an experts report and other documents are necessary for the claim adjustment. All this should be available at one place.

The new Advanced Version has a claims file embedded that integrates all these features.  Besides the diagram of the accident scene the victim can upload photos and every other necessary documents. The user grants the other involved persons access to these documents so that his lawyer for example has fast access from his computer to the diagram and the experts report in order to accelerate the workflow.  Also the initial accident scene diagram can be corrected without changing the original.

Due to the fact that we were very busy installing the pro-versions for our customers quite the time has passed until the public version of AccidentSketch.com was released. So today we are glad to announce that the following 3 advanced language versions are available and published at no charge from now on. The traffic signs are localized now.

accident scene diagrams online

Unfallskizze online

The spanish version croquisaccidente.es will follow soon.

I appreciate your interest.

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Monday, 9. August 2010

Accident analysis – Calculation of the impact speeds

For the professionals in the field of traffic accident analysis we provide a very flexible application to calculate the impact velocities in a graphical environment. All parameters are designed object oriented and can be changed using the mouse pointer.

This online application calculates the three conservation principles of classical mechanics: Conservation of linear momentum, energy and angular momentum. This web based application uses these conservation rules to calculate in a graphical environment the impact speeds for the vehicles involved in the collision. The calculation is based on the post-crash velocities, the energy transformed into deformation work and the (change of the) angular velocities of the vehicles.

This application is still under development based on a well known PC software called ‘WinKol’. Description of Winkol in German language.

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Please note: Vehicle are in draft mode for development purposes and will be replaced with hi-res models.

*** Juergen ***

Tuesday, 29. June 2010

Major-Update in July 2010: Full Browser-Support

Full Browser-Support (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera , Safari) including photo and document management.You will be able to embed photos and other documents into your claims file and sketch. Also the depiction that you have drawn will not only be accessible from your computer. You can even send your sketch to others who might copy, add or change it. More information coming soon.

*** Juergen ***

Friday, 22. January 2010

Distance-Time-Velocity-Diagrams for professionals

For the professionals in the field of traffic accident analysis we provide a very flexible application to create, calculate and draw Distance-Time-Diagrams including a consideration of the velocity course in order to analyze and reconstruct the traffic accident. This is an online cloud application as well. Further information …

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*** Juergen ***

Tuesday, 5. January 2010

Accidentsketch in 12 languages available

To be completed later …

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