Tuesday, 6. January 2015

Another phone app: AAS Accident Analysis Software

The software is not a tutorial about accident reconstruction. Basic knowledge is required. You should not install the app in case you are not or only partially familiar with the terms in the above screenshots. Any usage of the app makes sense only in case you are familiar with the meaning of the calculated values.

AAS – Accident Analysis Software (module 1 – free edition):

AAS Accident Analysis Software

During a vehicle traffic accident investigation the accident reconstructionist looks upon the spatio-temporal approaches of the involved vehicles. Every object needs a certain time for moving a particular distance at its current velocity. During any vehicle motion, speed, position and time are mathematically interrelated. Doing a collision analysis the expert determines the collision speeds in order to calculate the initial velocity based on the skid marks and traces found in the pre-crash scene with the goal to get the drivers reaction position. In addition the avoidance velocity for the spatial avoidance is calculated.

This program covers the basic kinematic calculations for the accident reconstruction: velocity, distance, time. The app is able to determine the possible processes fundamentally, but also to verify the existing calculations of an expert’s report and recognize the determining factors of the input at its full range. If there is a speed limit to consider or the situation requires a lower velocity than the detectable speed the app automatically calculates the speed for the spatial avoidance. This is a demo version with restricted functions for private and non-commercial use. Using the demo you cannot change the default deceleration values.

Demo available here.

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