Friday, 4. February 2011

Advanced Version 2.0 released in 3 countries

AccidentSketch is no longer just a drawing tool. Our commercial customers missed the option to complete the created graphical information / diagrams with actual photos of the place of the accident and the damaged vehicles. Often an experts report and other documents are necessary for the claim adjustment. All this should be available at one place.

The new Advanced Version has a claims file embedded that integrates all these features.  Besides the diagram of the accident scene the victim can upload photos and every other necessary documents. The user grants the other involved persons access to these documents so that his lawyer for example has fast access from his computer to the diagram and the experts report in order to accelerate the workflow.  Also the initial accident scene diagram can be corrected without changing the original.

Due to the fact that we were very busy installing the pro-versions for our customers quite the time has passed until the public version of was released. So today we are glad to announce that the following 3 advanced language versions are available and published at no charge from now on. The traffic signs are localized now.

accident scene diagrams online

Unfallskizze online

The spanish version will follow soon.

I appreciate your interest.

****** Kai  ******

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