Monday, 9. August 2010

Accident analysis – Calculation of the impact speeds

For the professionals in the field of traffic accident analysis we provide a very flexible application to calculate the impact velocities in a graphical environment. All parameters are designed object oriented and can be changed using the mouse pointer.

This online application calculates the three conservation principles of classical mechanics: Conservation of linear momentum, energy and angular momentum. This web based application uses these conservation rules to calculate in a graphical environment the impact speeds for the vehicles involved in the collision. The calculation is based on the post-crash velocities, the energy transformed into deformation work and the (change of the) angular velocities of the vehicles.

This application is still under development based on a well known PC software called ‘WinKol’. Description of Winkol in German language.

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Please note: Vehicle are in draft mode for development purposes and will be replaced with hi-res models.

*** Juergen ***

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