Wednesday, 6. January 2010

How do I send my accident depiction via e-mail?

The e-mailing function seems to have a lack of transparency which we did not expect. Often we are asked why there is no function for sending a sketch via e-mail. Well, of course you can send your depiction to anyone in an e-mail. To do so, click on the button “Print depiction”. Now a PDF is created with your sketch of the accident. In this PDF you will find a button “Send/e-mail your sketch” on the top right corner. Click on this button and your depiction can be sent as an e-mail to anyone you want it to go to. In some certain languages there is no button (yet). Then use the implemented function of the Adobe Reader for sending the PDF – this leads to the same result.

In the Pro Version of a further e-mail function is embedded. You cannot only send the PDF, additionally the addressee gets all data in order to recover your depicton with a single mouse click on his screen and is able to add something or correct the sketch. This makes perfectly sense if you have sent your sketch to your lawyer and after consultation there is a necessity to fix it. A similar expansion for recovering your depiction on a different computer will be released for the free public version of in the first quarter of 2010. We will let you know how to forward your photos of the crashed car and the scene of the accident on our blog at time.

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