Wednesday, 6. January 2010

How do I save my drawing?

You might have not noticed yet, but actually every sketch that is created by you is saved automatically. This is why there is no special button to particularly save your sketch. If you have started or already finished your accident depiction all elements of your sketch will be saved after closing your browser. If you come back on or depending on the language the according domain, at a later point of time (with the same computer), you will find your depiction just the way you have left it. Then you can finish, add and do the fine tuning of your sketch. In case you might not like your changes you can delete them by clicking the button “Undo changes”. Then the last status of your old depiction will be recreated. That is why the current public version of has no certain button to save your depiction. It occurs automatically.

Anyhow there are other important reasons for supporting the idea of an extra button to save the sketch. This way it is pretty sensible to create a drawing and for example send it to your lawyer, who can add something to your depiction or transfer it to the insurance company. This feature will be offered in the Pro Version. Also the free public version is going to get access to this after the next update in the second quarter of 2010. We will be reporting about this in the blog later and publish more details.

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